Yogic Breathing

Yogic BreathingIn this lesson, we move beyond the foundations of basic breath training and explore more technical practices.


Understand the differences between clavicular, thoracic and diaphragmatic breathing and become knowledgeable on expert teachings related to conscious exhalation and diaphragmatic rib cage breathing.


Describe the reason a wise teacher may NOT teach the techniques presented here. Define clavicular breathing and the conditions under which it’s typically present. Define thoracic breathing and explain its effects. Explain what is typically meant by the term “yogic breathing.” Give signs of improper breathing. Explain the benefits of a conscious exhalation. Describe the yogic breathing technique for consciously exhaling and share how experts explain it. Describe the more advanced technique of diaphragmatic rib cage breathing, how it is different from ineffective chest breathing and why the two might be confused.