Working with an experienced teacher can change everything. Get the individual attention that makes a real difference.

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What’s a Coach?

A coach is someone you hire to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. A good coach understands your needs and challenges, and provides guidance and feedback to help you succeed. In addition to providing advice, coaches are there to listen, encourage, challenge, and hold you accountable. They help you build self-awareness and gain clarity about where you want to go in life.

Empower Your Yoga Journey

There are many different types of coaches. Some specialize in one area such as sports, health, relationships, careers, finances, parenting, or spirituality. Others offer general coaching services. And some coaches focus on helping others find their purpose in life.

I focus on yoga.

Working with an experienced teacher can change everything. Get someone who’s been there, seen that.
Intake and Assessment
90 Minute Session
  • Outline your goals
  • Receive a functional range assessment, and an outline for development based on your goals.
  • Bulletproof yourself from injury
60 Minute Session
  • Troubleshoot your “problem posture”
  • Perfect for Athletes looking to improve mobility.
  • Ask questions, brainstorm, and collaborate
Beginners Package
6 Sessions
  • Two (2) 90 Minute Sessions
  • Four (Four) 60 Minute Sessions
  • Includes check-ins, emails, and space to ask questions.
  • Perfect for developing a practice.
Consultation Prices

Simple prices, flexible
options, & nothing hidden

60 Minute Session


per one hour session

  • Pay per session
  • 24 Hour cancellation window
  • Online sessions available

90 Minute Session


for an additional 30 minutes.

  • Pay per session
  • No price gouging for longer practice
  • Online sessions available

10 Sessions


for Ten (10) 1 hour session

  • Saves Time
  • Saves 20%
  • Online sessions available
Years experience
Why Coaching

Beyond Flexibility: Uncovering Three Surprising Benefits of Yoga

Find Your Hidden Resources

Coaching creates an atmosphere of trust and confidence, where a person discovers inner resources that they didn’t know about earlier. The coach’s questions help the practitioner to see the ways of achieving their goals. Coaching helps a person to find their inner ‘assembly point’, from which the way of approaching goals becomes clear.

Unlock Your Creative Potential

The working environment created by working with a coach encourages practitioners to make creative choices for their practice. At the same time practitioners aren’t afraid of making mistakes or not knowing what comes next. Moreover, they are motivated to put forward their new found practices and processes. After all, one creative idea, when properly evaluated and accepted, generates lots of new ideas.

Quality of Life

The most important constituent of a person’s quality of practice is a better quality of life. One of the best indicators for better quality of life is emotional satisfaction. When using coaching, practitioners get new perspectives and a way forward. This has a way of bringing the smile back to practice.

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