Transforming Limiting Beliefs / Reprogramming the Subconscious + Pratipaksha Bhavana / Cultivating the Opposite

Lesson Overview

In this lesson, we explore ways to transform limiting beliefs, including the use of pratipaksha bhavana as described in Yoga Sutra 2.33.


Explore Sutra 2.33 and develop ways to apply this teaching in the context of transforming limiting beliefs.


Explore the proposition that if a belief is not supporting you, it can be changed. Describe the relationship between beliefs and emotions. Be clear about the foundation that underlies most techniques designed to overcome limiting beliefs and the challenges that may arise. Describe pratipaksha bhavana and other yogic strategies for overcoming limiting beliefs. Explain how Dr. Bruce Lipton teaches subconscious reprogramming.

Questions Answered Here

  1. What do the following topics have in common: transforming limiting beliefs, cognitive reframing, reprogramming subconscious beliefs, and pratipaksha bhavana?
  2. How do beliefs and emotions relate? As a result of this relationship, what is a benefit of changing unhelpful beliefs?
  3. To change a belief is to embark on a process of evolution and transformation. What are some considerations when undertaking such deep inner work?
  4. What serves as a foundation for most techniques designed to overcome limiting beliefs?
  5. What challenges may arise when embarking on changing beliefs?
  6. Trying to work on limiting beliefs while in the throes of addictive behavior will likely be ineffective. Why?
  7. Why is it necessary to become conscious of our emotional responses when working with limiting beliefs?
  8. Which sutra speaks of pratipaksha bhavana? What does this term mean?
  9. Describe in detail how to practice pratipaksha bhavana.
  10. Why is mantra practice a good consideration for helping to address limiting beliefs?
  11. What types of asana and chakra balancing practices might help?
  12. Dr. Bruce Lipton offers accessible teachings about how the subconscious mind functions. Based on these teachings, describe why yoga and meditation may be so effective at transforming lives.
  13. What specific practices does Dr. Bruce Lipton teach for reprogramming the subconscious?