Pelvis & Hips Anatomy Introduction

Lesson Overview

In this lesson, we introduce anatomical terminology for the hips and pelvic region.


Become familiar with the foundational anatomy of the pelvic region including naming conventions, the bones and joints, the female pelvis, and the important functions of the pelvis.


Define “pelvis” and give some different names for the pelvic region. Describe physical functions of the pelvis and ways that it’s related to energetic practices in yoga. Name the bones and joints of the pelvis and and provide three different ways that hip muscles can be categorized. List categories of hip muscles and the muscles included in each. Explain how the female pelvis is different from the male pelvis.

Questions Answered Here

  1. What is the meaning of “pelvis” in Latin?
  2. What are some different names for the pelvic region?
  3. Describe four physical functions of the pelvis. Describe two ways it is related to energetic practices in yoga.
  4. Name the bones of the pelvis.
  5. What joints are in the pelvic region?
  6. How is the female pelvis different from the male pelvis?

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