Hand Mudras Introduction

Questions Answered Here

  1. What is the meaning of “mudra?”
  2. What is the typical meaning of mudra when used non-traditionally?
  3. In what three traditional forms have hand mudras been used in India?
  4. Which element is represented by the thumb? Index finger? Middle finger? Ring finger? Small finger?
  5. What is said to be the effect of a a finger (representing an element) being brought into contact with the thumb?
  6. Name up to six ways in which mudras are used.
  7. What are common guidelines regarding practicing mudras during particular times and activities?
  8. Which hand is recommended to practice with?
  9. How much pressure is recommended during practice?
  10. Introduction

The term mudra (“seal,” “mark,” or “gesture”) refers to symbolic positions and practices. In non-traditional usage, the term mudra is often used to refer to hand mudras, in particular.

This section of the site will focus particularly on hand mudras and we will sometimes simply use the term mudra.