Creating Strategic Teaching Plans

Questions Answered Here

  1. How is strategic planning different from creating an individual class plan?
  2. Name up to five examples of the purpose of a strategic teaching plan?
  3. What teaching opportunity do you gain by planning ahead of time?.
  4. What benefit does a strategic plan enable you to deliver to students?
  5. What marketing and promotion opportunity do you gain?
  6. Describe how the focus you set in a plan can guide your practice and study.
  7. How can strategic planning make your overall class planning time more efficient and effective?
  8. How might considering your signature style assist you in your planning?
  9. Describe various possible formats for your plan.
  10. How can you use seasonal considerations in your planning? Philosophy? Yoga tools?
  11. What resources can you use to support your planning?
  12. Give an example of a monthly plan.