Rolf Naujokat

“Easy come, easy go,” Rolf would say.

My teacher has passed.

Rolf taught along the Arabian Sea, between the psytrance and the sand— just in from the jungles of Goa. As complex as he was simple and straightforward, he lived and led by example. He changed my life. He made clear that liberation was available to each of us, starting with the malarkey of our present condition.

I want nothing more in this life than to make him proud. He’d likely rather that I be gardening, swimming, praying— anything other than typing. Especially not posting photos.

Rolf would say how unimportant it was for your guru to even know your name— that your guru just needed to know you.

It meant something to me when you gave me a hug and called me “Big Mike. “ I felt very seen, Rolf. I have so much work to do, because I am still waiting to hear your voice again.

Please keep my family and me in your prayers. It pains me to say, but I think maybe we are all a little better having Rolf on a different plane — maybe just maybe — somehow helping to elevate all of our consciousness further. I need it. We need it.

I have many stories about my time in goa and with Rolf that I love to tell, but they are for in person. Maybe come for thali and I’ll tell you all about him.

Full power, Rolfji. Easy come, easy go.