Hi, I’m Michael Joel Hall!

I’m an ashtanga yoga teacher based in Washington, DC.

 My mission is to educate and empower folks with effective tools and systems that encourage a productive, self sustaining yoga practice. I believe that there is an on-ramp for everyone. After all, yoga’s a broad subject encompassing meditation movement, mindset, and morality.

Let me help you build a practice that work for you.

I am an authorized ashtanga yoga teacher (KPJAYI), a functional range conditioning mobility specialist (FRCms), and a certified personal trainer. I keep a consistent asana, pranayama, meditation, and physical fitness practice.  I use these skills to meet practitioners exactly where they are.



Michael’s skills as a yoga facilitator, community organizer, and social justice advocate have been recognized by the Washington Post, Yoga Journal, Capital File Magazine, City Paper, the New York Times, and major television markets all over the USA and Canada. His deeply personal story of triumph over hate was featured in the best-selling collection of essays “Bad Feminist” by Roxanne Gay.

What My Students Say

Many of the lessons that I learned from MJH were uncovered through his encouragement of my own self discovery of the practise... all of this work instilled values (such as discipline, curiosity and patience) that proved essential to the development of my inner teacher. Whether you are practising [in person] or by yourself in a remote country, this is your own practice and you are your own teacher. And, in the wise words of the guru RuPaul, “You better work.”
M. Okunseinde
The individualized instruction of the Mysore style is ideal, since no two bodies or practitioners are alike. Michael is an excellent guide through this great yoga tradition, whether you're a newbie, a levitate-off-the-mat master, or somewhere in the vast in-between; and DC Ashtanga is a wonderful community in which to learn this tradition.
J. Farrell
Michael's adjustments makes all the difference. One tiny adjustment and I can fully relax into the pose. Then I’m hooked onto my breath for the rest of the practice. If not an actual adjustment then there are those hilarious verbal cues of his which I commit to memory and seem to emerge from brain or body at the exact time they are needed. I’ve now known Michael for some 5 years, which means that he knows my limitations and potential better than I do. His guidance is a map to explore not just the next asana, but to rediscover and find extraordinary pleasure and release in those poses I thought I was either bored with or stumped by. That’s Ashtanga in a nutshell and that’s Michael’s magic.
S. Feld