There are many reasons people want to take on personal instruction:

New practitioners often like the extra attention and hand-holding for their first few lessons. More seasoned practitioners often want more concentrated attention uniquely tailored for their needs.

Some just want to have a good time with their friends. Whatever your motivation: developing flexibility, strength and a greater sense of well being is never a bad idea.

I’m happy to help.

Sessions are held in my 14th Street studio.


Private Session

For Beginners:

Your practice will be about 45 minutes the first day, as you begin to learn the movements that build a practice. From there, as your proficiency in (and memory of) the sequence develops, your practice will gradually get longer. The ultimate aim for beginners is to move into a Mysore setting.

A Mysore style class differs from most yoga classes in that the students all appear to be doing their own thing and the only sound in the room is deep breathing.  In fact, everybody is following the particular asana series that they are working on, most likely primary or second series, in the same precise order of asanas but to their own individual breath rhythm.  Basically it is a self practice done in a group setting.

Established Practitioners:

For the established practitioners, a private yoga session allows time for developmental exercises, drills and deeper analysis of human movement and breath in order to find areas of weakness or inflexibility as well as the not-so-obvious holding patterns. For these students, we’ll take a holisitc approach to one-on-one sessions, incorporating the five points of yoga from the Sivanada tradition– taking an eye to diet, breathing, exercise, relaxation, and positive thinking.

Small Groups:

Looking for a semi-private session? Up to four practitioners are welcome to book a 2 hour session. This is a great way to keep costs down while receiving a ton of one-on-one assistance in an intimate setting. Please note there will be an additional $5 charge for each additional practitioner.

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