As you may or may not know,  I’ve shied away from the media spotlight over the last few years. I had a time in the sun and didn’t like it– so I did my best to avoid it.

Plus, I wanted to get my hands dirty locally, supporting a burgeoning community in an as uncurated, authentic capacity as possible. My story and opinions are solely mine, and to my mind were really not just for the casual listener. They were for my *community*.

So what changed? Last month I was interviewed by the one and only Chris Parkison for the DC Yoga Podcast. Chris and I have known each other for some time, in and out of gyms and yoga studios. He’s a guy who can deadlift twice as much as me, and probably has more translations of the gita than I’ve got. He’s a good egg, a good friend, and I find our conversations enlivening. When he asked if I’d sit down with him for the podcast, I immediately said yes.

It’s time to share.

Some of the topics include:
–the changing landscape of the yoga industrial complex; why teachers can’t make a living, why studios fail, and how to circumvent the traps inherent in the mainstream yoga world.
–my journey into teaching; ashrams, India, the corporate world, and combating appropriation via education and appreciation
— crosstraining!

I hope you’ll go listen and tell me what you think!!

Find it on iTunes or listen here on soundcloud!