Yoga at work WORKS.

Yoga has been around for over a thousand years, helping people see the world around them more clearly.  In the last 50 years, yoga has been proven to lower injuries, decrease stress, and boost company moral. Doesn’t that sound like something you want in your work place?

People just don’t skip work on their “yoga day!” — just think of how much your company will save on corporate absenteeism alone.

Michael Joel Hall and his team at miDCity Yoga specialises in bringing yoga to unconventional spaces— creating corporate wellness programs, office yoga classes, as well as tension tamers for conventions and conferences.

Our yoga classes are designed to fit the needs of the individuals in each group. You can expect increased productivity, decreased health care premiums, and reduced stress, anxiety & depression in your office.

All of our instructors are highly qualified, carry liability insurance and are trained in Emergency First Aid and CPR.

Employees who report a high degree of stress in their lives miss twice as many workdays as employees who report a low degree of stress. (Conference Board of Canada)

We recommend practicing yoga at least twice a week, but even once a week will have noticeable results.


For every $1 invested in workplace wellness,
a company can expect $3 in cost savings or benefits.


Office YogaDesk De-StressConference Yoga

Office Yoga:

Thinking about stepping up your corporate wellness offerings? Make no mistakes about it, corporate yoga is a winner for employees and employer. Now’s a great time to find out if it’s right or your workplace.

The first-time series introduces the five principles of yoga: proper diet, postures, breathing, relaxation, and positive thinking.  Students can expect to alleviate tension in the body and reduce stress. Employers can expect lowered absenteeism on yoga day.

  • Class size: anywhere from 4-25 participants
  • Class length: classes are typically 1 hour
  • Suitable for: all levels, beginners through advanced
  • Clothing: comfortable clothing is all you need
  • Class location: at your organization! a conference room, lunchroom, training room, or building fitness center!
  • One-time Sessions: $145; 1-15 participants (contact for more info)
  • Recurring: $145 1-15 participants

Incorporating workplace yoga classes into your wellness program is a pro-active step in investing in your “intellectual capital,” which translates to healthier and wealthier employees.

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Desk De-Stress:

Simple stretches and relaxation for the office. We show you how to use chairs, desks, tables and ordinary office setting for stretches that relieve stress, back pain and reduce repetitive stress injuries, such as carpel tunnel syndrome, fatigue, headaches, tight neck muscles as a result of sitting all day at a desk and working long hours in front of a computer.

  • The cost is $125 per class.
  • Class size: we recommend 4-10 students
  • Class length: classes are typically 45 minutes
  • Suitable for: all levels, beginners through advanced
  • Clothing: business attire is all you need
  • Materials: office chairs, desks and tables are needed
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Conference Yoga

How about some yoga with your coffee? Need a hard reset on your conference’s focus? Need a quick and effective way to get rid of stress, increases energy? With a short combinations of breathing, stretching, and concentration, you’ll have your conference goers blood flowing to the brain and muscles, and you’ll note an improvement in memory retention, productivity and efficiency– plus, you’ll build teamwork and much more.

Schedule a conference yoga break:

  • 10-15 minutes: $60
  • 20-30 minutes: $70
Seriously, what are you waiting for?