Teaching Considerations: Mindful Asana Transitions

  1. A key teaching is to slow movement down and to move mindfully with the breath.
  2. Focus on the weight bearing / grounding aspects of a pose and conscious, mindful weight shifting during the transition.
  3. Jason Crandell notes here that transitions are often executed with an exhale. Thus, a long slow exhale can support the transition.
  4. Other focus points during transitioning may be drishti (gaze)core engagement and/or bandhas.

Focus on the Weight Shift

The key to making a skillful transition is to focus on the movement of your weight. This will help you counterbalance your body where it’s necessary. Essentially, you want to limit the weight of your body from moving too quickly in any one direction. Bringing your attention to your core (specifically your pelvis and lower belly) is usually the most effective way to tune into your weight as it is transitioning. – Jason Crandell

More Considerations

  • Slowing down and mindfully moving into a balance pose may be another effective way to teach transitions. An example below is moving from Warrior 1 Pose to Warrior 3 Pose and back to Warrior 1.
  • In addition to the practice of mindful transitions, you may be interested in creative transitions. The Transitions Flow (Int / Adv 75-min)class was developed especially for Yoga Teacher Central members to invite presence during the “in-between” space by employing unique transitions.