The Actions of Entering & Exiting a Pose: Mindful Asana Transitions

Mindful transitioning may be highlighted during movement in and out of a pose, and between poses. Teaching specific actions and alignment techniques can help students to focus on their movement.

  • To review steps for moving in and out of poses, see Basic Form in any Asana Digest. There you will find many options and clear directions for focusing on specific actions.
  • For instance, Navasana Basic Form includes the following.

Set Up

  • Start in Dandasana.
  • Slide feet back toward sit bones. Place hands outside hips.

Moving into Pose

  • Sit up tall, rotate pelvis forward, lean back about 30°.
  • Maintain weight between tailbone and sit bones.
  • Broaden collarbones.


  • Lift chest
  • Spread collarbones


  • Contract belly
  • Lift legs up and extend out
  • Reach arms forward, palms facing each other

To Emphasize

  • Draw sternum toward sky; keep heart center spacious
  • Roll shoulders back and down
  • Lift lower back
  • Press out through balls of feet (if legs straight)

Coming Out

  • Exhale
  • Lower legs