Fundamentals: Space & Logistics Checklist

In The Yogi Entrepreneur, Darren Main highlights a few logistical and ethical fundamentals, one of which is to start and end class on time. Students will appreciate being able to plan around the class because they know it will end on time. And many students will be more likely to arrive on time when they are sure class will begin when scheduled.

Ethical Reminders

  • Your class should always start and end on time.
  • Deep relaxation is part of your class… not an encore.
  • Putting away props is part of the practice. If you use props, budget time for cleanup.
  • Dry mopping the floor is part of your class—not the class that follows yours.
  • If another class is starting shortly after yours, invite students to take conversations out of the practice room. Respecting the time of other teachers is also part of professional ethics.

Darren Main

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