Class Length & Segments: Space & Logistics Checklist

If you are just beginning to teach classes of varying lengths, it can be helpful to divide class into sections and apply a percentage of class time to each. This makes it easy to adapt a class to different lengths such as 45, 60, 75 or 90 minutes.

Another helpful practice for new teachers is to note end times for each section of class in order to more easily notice if a class has begun to “get behind.”


Here is a tool we developed for new teachers. These percentages are simply from our own experience; please vary them according to your style and goals.

General Class 12:00 start time

Phase75 min class60 min class
20% Welcome, centering, & warm ups15 min 12:1512 min 12:12
25% Heat building & standing20 min 12:3515 min 12:27
20% Inversions & floor poses e.g. hip stretches, backbends15 min 12:5012 min 12:39
15% Cool down e.g. Shoulderstand, twists, forward bends10 min 1:009 min 12:48
20% Savasana & closing15 min 1:1512 min 1:00