Students: Space & Logistics Checklist

Classes may be broken out by experience levels such as beginner, level 1, 2 and 3 or combined in “all levels” classes. Classes may also be designed for targeted populations such as athletes, children, office workers, pregnant women, seniors, teens or others. Some classes help students with particular conditions such as back pain, cancer, depression or scoliosis.

Even for styles you’re familiar with, it can pay to occasionally re-read the class description presented to students in studio materials to ensure the description and class are consistent.

When subbing, it can be helpful to check out the facility ahead of time and if possible, to attend at least one of the regular teacher’s classes to become familiar with her general approach. While there is no need to mimic a teacher or change your primary voice, simply being more aware of what students have been experiencing can help you to plan and speak to their experience or what may be new.

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