Overview – Humility & Boundaries: Humility & Boundaries

  1. Practice mindfulness while teaching: continue to return your awareness to your breath, thoughts, energy and expression.
  2. Stay grounded in your body while teaching.
  3. Be humble, honest and transparent.
  4. Endeavor to truly see students, honoring their wholeness and respecting their individuality.
  5. Allow students to have their own experience.
  6. Create healthy boundaries between teacher and student while avoiding unnecessary distance.
  7. Refrain from giving advice in psychotherapy or other areas outside of your teaching expertise.
  8. When a student is potentially distracting other students, ask yourself mindful questions to determine whether and how to intervene.
  9. When intervention is called for, do so with respect, empathy and clarity.
  10. Protect the quiet of Savasana by ending class on time and requesting beforehand that those who need to leave early, leave before Savasana begins.