Humility & Honesty: Humility & Boundaries

  • Be humble, honest and transparent.

Success Comes with Mistakes & Failures

When we hear about extremely successful people, we mostly hear about their great accomplishments—not about the many mistakes they made and the failures they experienced along the way. In fact, most successful people throughout history are also those who have had the most failures. That is no coincidence. People who achieve great feats, no matter what field, understand that failure is not a stumbling block but a stepping-stone on the road to success. There is no success without risk and failure. – Tal Ben-shahar

Be Honest & Transparent

Yoga teachers often play the role of not only being a master of yoga, but a master of life. Dangerous! Another humbling truth I brought awareness to recently was to pretend to my students that my body no longer experiences aches and pains after a dozen years of yoga practice. As a yoga teacher, it seems that it would be a useful thing to project this idealized goal of a pain-free and healthy body to your students, but if there’s dishonesty, it may have an adverse affect. I opened up at a recent class and told everyone that I had a weird neck spasm that has lasted for days and I didn’t have any explanation for it. Upon sharing, I saw the class relax and let go. My honesty deepened their trust in me, and with trust, they could relax into a greater honesty with themselves. They didn’t have to project an image either. – Ryan Leech

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