Wise Word Choice: Introduction & Overview: Wise Word Choice

Have a Reason for Everything You Say

Don’t allow yourself—while teaching or even when speaking to a student outside of class—to drop into a mode of speech where you shut off your “witness.” That is, stay aware of the situation in front of you. Pause. Breathe consciously. Be mindful of your words.

Know What You Say & Why You Say It

If you’re going to say something, make sure you know what you’re talking about and why you’re saying it. For example, there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to alignment… A lot of times people aren’t aware of what’s coming out of their mouth and why they’re saying it. A big illuminating moment for me was when my teacher James Brown, formerly of YogaWorks and currently of American Yoga School, said, “You must have a reason for everything you say and do in class.” – Alexandria Crowe

When in doubt, speak simply and speak less. Turn more toward seeing and feeling and empowering your students. (See more in Art of Teaching: Fundamentals)


We cover the following topics below.

  1. Be inclusive. Inspire acceptance and self-love.
  2. Speak directly, and in the positive.
  3. Be clear. Consider using these word-pairs when teaching: “If/then” and “Do this/so that.”
  4. Consider how much you say and when.
  5. Using imagery & other topics.