Displaying a Balance of Confidence & Humility: Body Language

We don’t propose there is a right way to exhibit the traits of confidence and humility. Rather, we invite you to shine a light on your views of these traits and how you view yourself in these areas. Consider:

  • What is your experience in authority situations?
  • How confident do you genuinely feel about teaching?
  • Where is your personal work in terms of confidence and humility?
  • How can you be most authentic?
  • In what ways does your ego tend to seep out?
  • The expert readings below offer excellent insight.

The Right to Sound Magnificent

Liberating our voices is self-improvement of the highest degree. Through vocal experimentation and compassionate self-study, it is possible to discover both our tendencies and their origins. That, for instance, we have been making ourselves sound small because of the responsibility that sounding powerful might hoist upon us. Or because we wish to be taken care of, rather than caring for others. Or because we secretly wish to disappear into the floorboards. Are we worried about being lampooned for putting on airs? “Who does she think she is, speaking with such authority and resonance?” The truth is, we have every right to sound magnificent. We are here; we are human; we are alive. We are life, speaking to life, and encouraging it to thrive. We amplify the message of yoga’s power to connect us with our highest selves when we allow ourselves to sound like all that we are.  – Amber Burke

Authority & Modesty

Thank you for saying I convey authority, and in a modest manner, but any authority I may project is really just simple clarity. If you are clear about something, then you are not confused, and then whatever utterances you make or behaviors you exhibit will simply reflect that un-confused clarity. From my perspective, I am mostly clear that I don’t know, that my personal ground-level perspective is necessarily limited, and that it makes more sense to no longer make up my own mind about things, and to, instead, go within, become still, ask inwardly for Guidance, and then dare to do as the inner Guidance prompts me to do. This comes across as being confident, yet modest, because you are not in charge of what you find yourself Knowing when you Listen. You can’t take credit for it. What comes through you will be powerful and transformative because it is not personally contrived, but it is the wisdom of the Infinite flowing through you, not your personal wisdom. – Erich Schiffman