A Way to Take Care of Yourself: Personal Practice & Study

  1. Practice becomes your teacher.
  2. Practice can prevent future suffering. And it is of vital support when facing challenge.
  3. It fills your “seeking cup” on a daily basis.
  4. And it is a primary way to learn about yourself. It’s key to meeting your needs and maturing as a person and teacher.
  5. Practice is the very path to your potential, to the mystical, to transcendence and to bliss.
  6. Yoga, we remember, is not a belief system; it’s a practice and a state.
  7. You cannot serve others if you do not first serve yourself.

Practice is Time to Take Care of Yourself

Your practice is time to take care of yourself, not prove yourself. – Jason Crandell

Your Practice Becomes Your Teacher

Your practice becomes your teacher. Without a practice, you never really discover yoga—you’ll get a lot of information, but you’ll never know yoga. As a teacher, without a personal practice, you are living from and teaching from only twenty-five percent of the knowledge available from yoga, and you’ll never be a great teacher; you can only be good. – Shari Friedrichsen

It Can Save You

The importance of developing your own personal connection to your spiritual practice cannot be underestimated. It can literally save you from life’s greatest challenges. It creates palpable magic in your everyday mystical experience… A personal practice doesn’t seem as important when things are going smoothly in life, but it’s essential when we hit bumps in the road. Our consistency, no matter what life’s conditions, is what can make or break us when we desperately need spiritual support. Connecting to our bliss doesn’t have to be a random event. It can be our new normal. – Alanna Kaivalya

Fulfill Your Seeking

Stay ahead of the game of seeking. We cannot serve others if we do not fill our own “seeking cup” on a daily basis. We can’t. The line is too thin. The ice is too thin. If even a little bit of time goes by, and we ignore it… we fall through the ice. Personal practice. Personal practice. Personal practice. A yogi who does not do sadhana (practice) is an actor; a parrot… a bird who’s memorized some words. Your well that you draw on has to be filled… and not personal practice to the point of only giving you just enough to get by… that’s not filling your cup. It’s not about maintenance. It’s about fulfilling your seeking. That should be your primary focus. – Rod Stryker

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