Study of Self & Teachings: Personal Practice & Study

Amy Ippoliti offers 8 qualities she believes are key to teaching yoga well. You may wish to use these as a way to go inward to study your strengths and weaknesses.

Do You Have These 8 Qualities of Excellent Yoga Teachers?

Be honest with yourself as you ask whether these are qualities you possess. Do you ___

1. Identify as a student of yoga in all areas of your life—not just on the mat?

2. Embrace an attitude of being continually open to learning and being able to admit when you don’t know something?

3. Possess a fundamental understanding of your own energy and a sensitivity to other people’s boundaries?

4. Have a daily practice?

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Continuous Study of the Teachings

Anyone who’s completed a basic 200 hour teacher training knows, that you’re only scratching the surface. In order to become the best teacher possible…we must become more than just a yoga instructor. We must embody spiritual leadership, fully grasp anatomy and movement, and be able to tie in the philosophy of yoga into the experience of the practice. Not to mention, have the aptitude to intelligently sequence, build a relevant playlist, and tie in meditation. As more-than-yoga-instructors, we provide a space for community to our students that they may not find anywhere else… Teaching yoga is far bigger than asana. – Alanna Kaivalya