Introduction: Class Elements, Tools & Practices

In this lesson, we review the many yoga tools available to bring about effective and sustained transformation.

  • Seeing all of the tools and practices in one place can help inspire your creativity.
  • You might use this as inspiration for a written or mental checklist during planning to make sure you are considering all the techniques at your disposal. (Or see the Class Builder for a structured inquiry process.)
  • Rather than relying on thinking about particular techniques in the moment, your checklist and planning can help you choose and teach more targeted practices.
  • For example, a list like this might remind you to plan breath practices to support your intention. Maybe you decide to teach at least two different techniques during various parts of class to support the energy of that segment. That then prompts you to choose a practice to extend the exhalation during the opening, and then later in class, teach Viloma Pranayama and finally, Nadi Shodhana before the closing meditation.
  • Maybe you’ll be reminded of the oft-overlooked practice of pratyahara, or be inspired to create a plan using props or to incorporate a mudra.
  • Or, perhaps reviewing the class elements will prompt you to choose a mantra, phrase, or object of meditation that can be carried through class.
  • There are endless options, of course, and we hope this section helps inspire you to explore them!