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Asana & Sequences


Not For Comfort But For Clarity

Indeed, there are times when a cushy bolster, a stack of blankets or a well-placed foam block hastens us off to yoga heaven. In other cases, such as height under your shoulders in shoulderstand, the props are there for safety… But most often, Iyengar yoga uses props for clarity, not comfort. Sometimes it’s the clarity provided by correct alignment. Sometimes a prop makes things clear by providing resistance to work against. – Eve Johnson


Touch or Hands-On Adjustments

  • Assist to make the pose safer, such as aligning sacrum in Parsvottanasana.
  • Assist to communicate information such as the flow of energy from fingertips in Virabhadrasana II .
  • Assist to guide a deepening such as increasing hip crease & arm reach in Exalted Warrior.
  • Provide touch to release tension or convey support such as a foot or head massage in Savasana.
  • Adjustment Guidelines
  • Adjustments at a Glance – returning soon
  • Asana Digests (Hands-On page with photos of adjustments & step-by-step instructions)


  • Teach hand or whole body mudras.
  • Mudras