Travel & Office Sequencing: Choosing & Arranging Poses

When in confined and public spaces, “sequencing” takes on a different perspective. Here are some considerations:

Office Yoga

And if people have been sitting all day, start them moving in a different plane instead of more seated work. My favorite (if there’s space for it) is to start standing with feet a little wider than hip distance and turning quickly right and left from the hips (and the opposite foot will pivot as you turn) with the arms dangling and swaying as you twist. You can add to this by making gentle fists that will “tap” your ribs and back as you twist. If there’s not much room, a simple “shaking” practice will also work. Shaking the hands, arms, legs like you’re trying to get water off of them. Then, slowly work toward balancing the energy in excess. Allow the progression of the sequence to go from quicker movement to slower vinyasas with the breath (cat/cow, standing balance flows, half sun salutations, bridge vinyasas). Eventually move to holding poses for a couple breaths. The overall pace will begin to slow. This attention to sequencing will gently lead the yogi to be able to experience rest without heaviness (tamas) and to practice stillness without the racing mind (rajas). Alison Wesley