Sample Framework: Segmenting Your Class


  • Depending upon the style and intention for class, there can be quite a lot of variance among teachers, but no matter the approach, thinking of a class in segments can help to ensure it feels balanced and effectively meets your intentions.
  • Consider dividing your class into sections and applying a percentage of class time to each. This makes it easy to adapt a class to different lengths such as 45, 60, 75 or 90 minutes.


Here’s a starting place from which to create your own timing of segments:

  1. Welcome, Opening, Warm Up — 15 to 20% of class
  2. Heat Building, Standing Poses — 20 to 25%
  3. Inversions, Arm Balances, Floor Poses — 20 to 25%
  4. Cooling, Slowing Down — 15 to 20%
  5. Savasana, Pranayama, Meditation, Closing — 15 to 20%

Another helpful practice for more easily noticing if a class has begun to “get behind” is this:

  • Take note of your targeted end time for each segment of class and then periodically watch the clock while teaching.

Here’s a tool we developed for newer teachers. These percentages are simply from our own experience; please vary them according to your style and goals.

Class 12:00 start time

Phase75 min class60 min class
20%  Welcome, centering, warm ups15 min 12:1512 min 12:12
25%  Heat building, standing20 min 12:3515 min 12:27
20%  Inversions, floor poses e.g. hip stretches, backbends15 min 12:5012 min 12:39
15%  Cool down e.g. shoulderstand, twists, forward bends10 min 1:009 min 12:48
20%  Savasana & closing15 min 1:1512 min 1:00

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