Langhana: Sequencing & Pacing to Balance Energy

Meaning “reduction” or “light” (weight) in Sanskrit, langhana refers to quieting, soothing, cooling practices intended to calm, lower and ground energy. Examples of such practices include:

  1. Slow movements
  2. Rest between poses
  3. Longer stays in gentle poses
  4. Supported and resting poses
  5. Simple seated, prone and supine poses
  6. Forward Bends
  7. Restoratives
  8. Gentle Twists*
  9. Simple Flows with the breath
  10. Supported Inversions
  11. “Almost all poses with a Jalandhara Bandha-type chin lock (e.g. SarvangasanaHalasanaSetu Bandha, and Viparita Karani) are cooling to the brain and body.” (Brad Priddy)
  12. Closed eyes
  13. Refraining from talking
  14. Seated Meditation
  15. Guided Visualizations
  16. Breath Practices: deep, slow breathing and/or focus on exhale, pause after exhale
  17. Pranayama: Inhale left, exhale right
  18. Chanting softly or in a lower pitch