Brahmana: Sequencing & Pacing to Balance Energy

Meaning “expansion” in Sanksrit, brahmana refers to stimulating, strengthening, challenging, heating practices. The intention is to build, nourish and raise energy. Examples of such practices include:

  1. Fast movements such as Sun Salutations & Vinyasa Flow
  2. Longer stays in challenging poses
  3. Faster pace
  4. Less pause between poses
  5. Standing Poses
  6. Backbends
  7. Spinal Extension
  8. Lateral Bends
  9. Headstand
  10. Active Twists*
  11. Arm Balances
  12. Core Strengthening
  13. Long holds
  14. Open eyes
  15. Breath Practice: focus on inhale, pause after inhale
  16. Pranayama: Inhale right, exhale left
  17. Chanting loudly or in a higher pitch
  18. Affirmations