Prana Vayus: Sequencing & Pacing to Balance Energy

The five movements or functions of prana are called prana vayus (vayu = “wind”).

A well-rounded asana practice works all the prana vayus.

Prana Vayu

  • Not the same as the general term of prana
  • Governs intake, forward momentum
  • Energizing

Vyana Vayu

  • Governs circulation
  • Expansion

Samana Vayu

  • Governs assimilation, absorption
  • Contraction

Udana Vayu

  • Governs growth, expression
  • Upward movement

Apana Vayu

  • Governs elimination
  • Downward movement

WORK All Pranas

One should consider the role of all five pranas in asana practice. An integral asana practice should work all the pranas. It requires energization (prana), expansion (vyana), contraction (samana), upward movement (udana) and downward movement (apana) in the right proportion and balance. But the degree of these pranic movements will vary by condition and by dosha. – Dr. David Frawley & Sandra Summerfield Kozak

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