Addressing Imbalance: Sequencing & Pacing to Balance Energy

The following information is drawn from the excellent and clearly written book, Yoga for Your Type 2001 by Dr. David Frawley and Sandra Summmerfield Kozak.

Apana Excess

Low or Depressed Energy

  1. Choose asana to raise energy (increase udana)
  2. Upward moving poses
  3. Standing poses
  4. Chanting
  5. Affirmations

Udana Excess

Manic Energy or Spaced Out

  1. Choose asana to lower and ground energy (increase apana)
  2. Prone poses
  3. Inverted poses
  4. Deep, slow breathing
  5. Refrain from talking

Samana Excess

Energy Too Introverted

  1. Choose asana to expand and release energy (increase vyana)
  2. Movement-oriented poses such as vinyasa
  3. Poses with extension

Vyana Excess

Energy Fragmented, Diffused or Too Expanded

  1. Choose asana to center, contract, consolidate energy (increase samana)
  2. Seated meditation

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