Sequencing: Introduction – Beginners Sequencing: Beginners: Sequencing

Of course, sequencing is always critical. We mention it here due to its particular importance with beginners.

  • With beginners, “less is more.” Teach fewer poses, take more time, and practice more repetition.
  • “Creative” sequencing is unimportant with new students. It’s all new to them! Instead, safe sequencing with mindful and smooth transitions is well-suited to beginners.
  • Students whose bodies have been honed through years of asana may be more comfortable with a variety of approaches; with beginners, however, tried-and-true techniques are the best bet.
  • Utilize sequencing fundamentals including proper warm up, mindful preparation for every forthcoming pose, and inclusion of neutralizing and countering poses.
  • Beginner sequences are not necessarily gentle. Many “beginner” poses are in fact challenging. Strong standing poses, for example, are typical features of beginner classes.