Sequencing: Building & Choosing Sequences: Beginners: Sequencing

As always, when building and choosing sequences, follow sequencing principles and guidelines:

  • Sequencing Fundamental & Guidelines – Review the most fundamental principles of having a clear objective, moving from simple to complex, building mindfully and gradually, etc.
  • Sequence to Balance Energy – Consider how yoga affects energy and use knowledge of practice effects to build energetic balance.
  • Choosing & Arranging Poses – Go deeper into topics such as choosing poses to move the spine in each of its six directions, moving joints through their full range of motion, and preparing for a peak pose.

Scaffolding: Build from a Basic Template

  1. When teaching a beginner series, it’s advised to be consistent with your sequence and/or poses. That is, use a sequence template which is repeated and progressively built upon.
  2. While you will want to reinforce what has been taught in previous classes, you may also wish to add a new teaching focus or emphasis each week.
  3. You can (and should) always adapt what you choose to teach based on students’ proficiency.
  4. Known as “scaffolding,” this building process gives students the benefits of developing their skills through repetition and progressively growing.