Recommendations for Beginners: Teaching Seniors

Before reviewing the recommendations for teaching Seniors, please be sure to review the deep coverage on teaching Beginners. Many of the teachings you find there will be fundamental considerations for teaching Seniors as well. That section goes deep on these topics:

  1. Avoid long holds within an asana, (which tends to be more appropriate for experienced students). Instead, consider including a lot of repetition for newer students, giving them the opportunity to practice what they’re learning.
  2. Stay mindful of the fundamentals of wise practice.
  3. Give individualized attention to new students and other beginners.
  4. Warm up slowly and use mindful, safe, simple sequencing.
  5. Consider grouping poses by foundation.
  6. Speak and demonstrate clearly.
  7. Teach Breathing Fundamentals, including the relationship between breath and movement and breathing in held postures.
  8. Teach drishti, gently focusing the eyes on a single point.
  9. Be comfortable and mindful in teaching adaptations.
  10. Focus on alignment and safety.
  11. Speak respectfully.
  12. Teach students how to ground and then to find length, extension, space.
  13. Avoid overwhelming students with too much information; stay focused.
  14. Teaching seniors typically requires more training, study and experience.