Teaching Tools: Teaching Seniors

Many Yoga Tools to Choose From

A key to effectively teaching Seniors is the ability to draw from the plethora of yoga tools available beyond asana.

Chair Yoga

  • Be familiar with teaching a variety of Chair Yoga sequences.
  • There are vastly different ways to use chairs, including approaches that can add a lot of challenge but in a safe way. In addition, of course, chairs can assist those with limited mobility to have a safe and effective practice.
  • Depending upon the sequence, students may choose to use the chair a lot or a little.
  • Please begin with Chair Yoga Overview and then select the quick menu to step through Benefits & Cautions, Warm Up, Joint Movements, Standing Poses and so on.

To select a sequence template, here are some considerations:

Using Props & Wall

The Asana Digests include many variations using props. Examples:

Other Tools