More Resources: Teaching Seniors

The following additional resources may support you in teaching Seniors:


  • When to Refer Out — Specific questions for students to ask their healthcare provider in order to guide safe asana practice
  • Teaching Wise Practice — Fundamental and powerful points of focus that support teaching of all types of asana
  • Safety & Adaptations — Adaptation principles plus specific teachings related to chronic pain, back pain, joint issues, PTSD and many other conditions.


Reading about the Fourth Age

The Fourth Age, according to Stephen F. Barnes, Ph.D. of San Diego State University’s Interwork Institute, is a relatively new term coined to reflect the extension of life over the past few decades and generally refers to individuals age 80 and above. Norma Bursack, age 88, is a Fourth Age Yogi. There are three descriptive principles that relate to the Fourth Age and Norma’s experience is an excellent illustration of all three. Her experience can serve as a guiding light for those of us who have yet to travel that stage of life.  – Beth Gibbs