Why This Matters: The Nature of Reality & The Science of Oneness – Introduction & Terminology

Multiple generations of western students have been taught a limited science and philosophy, key aspects of which have been disproven and shown to be based on incorrect assumptions. This has resulted in incomplete and inaccurate interpretations regarding such vital subjects as what consciousness is, why it’s important, and how we relate to the world.

Therefore, many people need to re-learn the truth which empowers them to impact their personal experience and that of the collective.

The more deeply and precisely that you understand key scientific concepts about The Nature of Reality, the more you’ll be able to see connections between concepts that arise from many different perspectives. And this greater understanding enables you to more effectively appreciate and communicate with people of many backgrounds and knowledge levels, from mystical traditions to mainstream western beliefs and from new age spirituality to modern unified quantum field theorists.

For example, you’re greatly empowered by knowing specifically how physics, ancient spiritual texts, energy healers and modern spiritual practitioners’ approach and support the statement, “We are all One.”