Western Academics Make a Dramatic Choice: The Nature of Reality & The Science of Oneness – Overcoming an Outdated Worldview

They Turn One Direction & Neglect the Other

With a few deft moves, Newton and Descartes had plucked God and life from the world of matter, and us and our consciousness from the center of our world. They ripped the heart and soul out of the universe, leaving in its wake a lifeless collection of interlocking parts… With the work of Charles Darwin… you are no more than an evolutionary accident… Life is not about sharing and interdependence. Life is about winning, getting there first. And if you do manage to survive, you are on your own at the top of the evolutionary tree. These paradigms — the world as machine, man as survival machine — have led to a technological mastery of the universe, but little real knowledge of any central importance to us… how we think, how life begins, why we get ill, how a single cell turns into a fully formed person, and even what happens to human consciousness when we die. – Lynne McTaggart