Materialism Was Never the Right Answer: The Nature of Reality & The Science of Oneness – Overcoming an Outdated Worldview

The materialist viewpoint doesn’t explain Nature as it really is.

The Materialist Worldview Left Many Things Unexplainable

On his way back to Earth after his pioneering moonwalk, Apollo 14 astronaut… Dr. Edgar Mitchell had the profound experience of feeling interconnected to everything he was observing from the window of his space capsule: the stars, the moon, our blue planet, and the vastness of the cosmos. He realized quickly that in order to explain such an extraordinary experience (and others like it), there would need to be a rapprochement between the scientific and spiritual interpretations of reality. As a scientist and visionary, Dr. Mitchell saw a need to reconcile his training as an engineer and astrophysicist with the wisdom of the ages to transcend the limitations of what he saw as an outdated materialist worldview. A new framework would be needed: one that could help explain the unexplainable — and spark transformation. He called this framework noetic sciences. – Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS)

Scientific Research Struck Down The Outdated View

The findings of my research and contemporary consciousness research in general… are in radical conflict with the most fundamental assumptions of materialistic science concerning consciousness, human nature, and the nature of reality. They clearly indicate that consciousness is not a product of the brain, but a primary principle of existence, and that it plays a critical role in the creation of the phenomenal [experienced] world. – Stanislav Grof M.D., Ph.D.