Keep Reading: The Nature of Reality & The Science of Oneness – Overcoming an Outdated Worldview

From Material to Non-Material Science

The limitations of physical science are becoming more prominent as time goes on. As people begin to recognize the findings of non-material science, and the suggestions they have about consciousness, the underlying makeup of our reality, and what that means for human possibility, a cultural shift is happening in science as a field. In the past, we have long separated spirituality and science, as if they were not relatable. But now in Western culture, people are starting to recognize the scientific nature of spiritual practice and understanding that the East has long understood. This is leading to a renaissance within scientific thought that is long overdue and heavily welcomed. As these understandings are unleashed to the general public, the effects it will have on anything from wellbeing and healthcare to energy production, will completely transform the way we live… so long as we are open to and engage with these changes. – Joe Martino

Post-Material Science Explores Our Connection with the Entire Universe

Classical physics is ill-equipped to measure or quantify non-physical phenomena. This has led to a movement towards post-material science. If you experience intuition and other non-physical phenomena, you will be excited to learn that science is beginning to validate this realm. You will be inspired to explore the quantum ways that you are connected with the entire universe. – Jacob Devaney

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