Overview: The Nature of Reality & The Science of Oneness – The Science

How and Why Can it Be True that We Are All One?

One of the most profound claims often made in spirituality is that separation is an illusion, that in fact “We are all One.” But what does it actually mean to say we are all One? How are we all One? What are the mechanics of this Oneness? How can we be One when it seems so obvious in our everyday experience that we are separate? This is where Nassim’s theory comes in. He gives a scientifically validated explanation for how and why it is true that we are all part of one fabric of reality while at the same time explaining how individuation and boundary conditions exist within that unified fabric. – Penny Heiple

Here are some key points presented below.

  1. There has been a disparity between scientific models used to describe the universe on a very small scale (quantum) vs. a very large scale (the relativity of spacetime). The unified theory of physics that Nassim Haramein presents resolves this and more, including the connection between physics, ancient traditions and the healing arts.
  2. A  key point from the unified theory is that space is not empty. There is no “void” or “nothingness” between objects or particles. Space is made of aether, a unified field. (Of all the terminology related to consciousness and the nature of reality, aether may be the most important in helping to reorient thinking from an outdated worldview to one that is more aligned with the true nature of reality. See more in Part 1A: Introduction & Terminology)
  3. Like a wave isn’t separate from the ocean, matter is not separate from space; it is formed from, and is a part of, the field.
  4. Your mindbody is like an antenna; your consciousness is interacting with the field of energy and information. See more: What is Consciousness?
  5. Everything is connected (“entangled”) through a network of wormholes. Every proton in the universe has access to all information in the universe!