Sanskrit & Terminology: Yoga of Sound Introduction

  • Nada refers to the internal sacred sound, said to arise from the heart.
  • Nada Yoga may be called the Yoga of Sound, Yoga of the Inner Sound or Yoga of Sacred Sound, and refers to listening to the inner sound.
  • Mantra Yoga is the repetition of sacred sounds. Repeating a mantra is known as chanting. The practice of chanting mantras may be considered its own branch of yoga (along with Hatha Yoga, Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, etc) or as a practice within other branches.
  • Kirtan is call-and-response devotional chanting.
  • The English term “Yoga of Sound” encompasses all forms of “sonic mysticism” including nada and mantra.
  • Expert Gary Kraftsow uses the accessible term, “vocal sound techniques” to include humming and chanting (both simple syllables and mantras).