A Referral for Medical Protocol + Support: Mental Health Introduction

There is a biochemical component to most psychological problems, including anxiety and depression, and medical science has developed effective medications for targeting the irregularities in the brain and nervous system. – Larry Payne PhD & Richard Usatine MD

Some people need medication. And those who are willing—whether they take medication or not—have the option to try the protocol that Dr. Kelly Brogan MD has used successfully in her practice to turn around mental health disorders. She offers an online program including diet, meditation and a Facebook support group. The following is from an email Sep 29th, 2018.*

It’s one day… or it’s Day One! We’re all afraid of change. Strangely, we prefer the familiar devil we know. But things are shifting rapidly on this planet, and we all need to step into our courage, heal, and come together in service of anchoring the future of this planet. That’s how important your personal path towards recovery and reclamation is to the collective. After three years, Vital Mind Reset has proven through testimonials and even published research in the primary medical literature that you can:

  • Shed chronic disease labels
  • Shed medications (for good)
  • And awaken to your own buried sense of vitality, empowerment, and possibility

This online, guided, 44-day course holds your hand. In two 22-day segments, you’ll move through the steps that I counsel my patients on. I want you to come back into your body, trust it, and free your mind. The truth is that you can do this. Now is the time to tap into the motivation I know you have to reclaim yourself. If the idea of deep and lasting personal transformation and resolution of symptoms (through step-by-step guidance, community, and structured support) ignites a spark in you — now is the time. It’s your time. See you soon, Kelly Brogan, MD

*We at Yoga Teacher Central and our research colleagues have have no association whatsoever with Dr. Kelly Brogan—no personal experience as a patient, and no monetary or business relationship of any kind. Many respectable sources have featured and recommended her. We appreciate the success she has achieved using a holistic approach based in nutrition, mindfulness and support. And we are excited that the testimonials show that she has found a way to deliver her successful protocol online, which means many more people have access and can try it for themselves.