A General Yogic Approach: Yoga & Mental Health

Characterize the Energetic Imbalance

A fundamental consideration for choosing yogic techniques is a determination of whether the condition reflects a rajasic (more anxious and active) or tamasic (lethargic) state.

In the traditional yogic perspective, the tendencies toward anxiety and depression are symptomatic of an underlying energetic imbalance reflecting either a rajasic or tamasic state: rajasic when restless or anxious, tamasic when lethargic or depressed. Each of these conditions can be given a very general yogic prescription. – Mark Stephens

Endeavor to Bring Balance

  • When rajasic, the approach may be to move more slowly and to practice calming breathing practices, for example. However, students may need a more active practice to begin. See more in Yoga & Anxiety.
  • If experiencing a tamasic state, students will benefit from a more vigorous and invigorating practice. See more in Yoga & Depression.
  • See also: Sequencing to Balance Energy