Terminology: Yoga & Anxiety: Introduction

There are different levels of anxiety, ranging from an appropriate situational response to a dysfunctional condition. Anxiety about getting on a plane after a succession of airline crashes is not a disorder but a natural reaction to the environment. Deciding to never fly again is taking that anxiety to a level where it can interfere with your life. – Larry Payne PhD & Richard Usatine MD

Natural Human Emotions

  • Anxiety is a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome. (Megan Cluett)
  • Fear and anxiety are natural human emotions that serve the evolutionary purpose of alerting humans to danger. They are associated with sympathetic nervous system activation.
  • Related attitudes and emotions that may be experienced as part of a natural response or be an aspect of a chronic disorder include: agitation, apprehension, compulsiveness, dread, edginess, fear, horror, insecurity, nervousness, obsessiveness, panic, paranoia, phobia, terror, uneasiness and wariness. (Gary Kraftsow)
  • The stress response is a normal, healthy reaction to fear. Problems arise when the fight-or-flight response remains chronically activated. For much more, see Stress & Relaxation Response.