What May Help: Overview: Yoga & Anxiety: Introduction


Meet Students Where They Are

In most cases of (rajasic) anxiety, you will want to start with brisk activity before making any attempt to bring balance through slower practices.

First create a level of physical activity equal to the level of bodily stimulation generated by mental anxiety… Gradually slow the movement down and introduce deep, slow breathing. – Gary Kraftsow

Overview of Tools

Research has shown that yoga reduces symptoms of anxiety. Here are some tools for consideration.

  1. Breathing Practices
  2. Present Moment Awareness
  3. Yoga Philosophy and/or Spiritual Practices
  4. Asana
  5. Mantra / Sound
  6. Mindfulness Meditation

Yoga Practices Can Work without Mental Processing

You don’t need to understand or even process your thoughts or emotions in order to experience dramatic shifts in mood, behavior, and well-being. – Bo Forbes PsyD