Yoga Tools to Consider: Yoga & Depression: Introduction

Research has shown that yoga reduces symptoms of depression. Here are some tools for consideration.

  1. Breathing Practices
  2. Mantra / Sound
  3. Choosing Thoughts / Affirmations
  4. Asana

Yoga Practices Can Work without Mental Processing

You don’t need to understand or even process your thoughts or emotions in order to experience dramatic shifts in mood, behavior, and well-being. – Bo Forbes PsyD

Recovery More Likely with a Holistic Approach

In fighting depression the mantram needs all the help it can get, and the most effective support we can offer is to throw ourselves into work or activities that turn out attention outward and keep us from thinking about ourselves… Unfortunately, when people are depressed they usually do just the opposite. They hide themselves in their room, draw the curtains, and minimize the distractions so the mind can dwell on its problems without interruption. Often they feel they don’t want to inflict their depression on others. This may be a commendable motive for withdrawing but it only makes the depression worse. – Eknath Easwaran