Strengthen with Standing Poses: Yoga Practices for Pregnancy / Prenatal Student


Use standing poses to:

  • Strengthen legs.
  • Increase circulation to combat swelling of feet and ankles.
  • Build courage and confidence.

Preparation for Birth: Strength & Stamina

For many people, labor takes place in standing and squatting positions during contractions. Prenatal yoga classes offer many poses that focus on legs and glutes to help strengthen these key areas that support us during labor. Labor can be like a marathon. You don’t simply sign up for a marathon and run the next day, right? Yoga is that training that helps to prepare you. Yoga teaches us the power and strength inherent in our own bodies, energy we no doubt want to tap into at the height of labor! – Megan Sloan

Sample Standing Poses

Sample Standing Balance Poses

Practice near a wall or chair.

Sample Variations

Virabhadrasana I Variation at Wall

Utthita Trikonasana at Wall

Vrksasana at Wall