Teaching & Practices for Healthy Shoulders: The Shoulder Girdle: Function & Issues

Following are fundamental, general considerations for healthy shoulders. To go very deep, see Injuries & Conditions: Yoga for Neck, Shoulders & Upper Back Care.

  • Moving regularly is considered fundamental in order to prevent issues from excessive sitting and repetitive movements such as working at a computer. Moving and stretching help to move the shoulders through their range of motion as well as counter imbalance caused by weak and tight muscles.
  • Mobilizing the upper back is key to restoring and maintaining balance and health of the shoulder girdle.
  • To compensate for habitual movement patterns such hunching over electronics, chest opening is typically a vital objective.
  • Strengthening the shoulders is often needed to support stabilization of the shoulder joint. However, when such strengthening is accomplished in an asana class, caution is required. See much more here.
  • In weight-bearing poses in particular, proper shoulder alignment and stabilization is vital.
  • See also: Anatomy of the Spine.