Yoga & Other Immune System Support: The Immune & Lymphatic Systems Introduction

Yoga Supports the Immune System

There are so many great ways to support the immune system with yoga including simple stress reduction, pranayama and gentle flow for lymphatic circulation, or more specific movements to target the lymph nodes. The lymph nodes intelligently congregate around the joints and rely on changes in pressure to pump lymphatic fluid through them. Movements targeted to these areas help to pump fluids through the lymph nodes and the lymph flow through the nodes is an important part of our immune function. I love seeing how new research supports these things and the implications of how important the flow of the lymphatic fluid is to supporting the immune system. – Tiffany Cruikshank

Reduce Inflammation

In addition to general stress reduction, other specific ways to help reduce inflammation and support the immune system include:

  1. Elimination of inflammatory foods
  2. Eating plenty of anti-inflammatory foods
  3. Healthy digestive functioning (source)
  4. Hydration – “Since lymph is made up of about 95 percent water, adequate hydration is necessary to keep it flowing freely.” (source)
  5. Avoiding tight clothing (source)
  6. Movement and exercise
  7. Massage and self-massage
  8. Meditation and breathing practices
  9. Stress relief of all types including time in nature