Yoga Tools for Consideration: How Yoga Can Help with Immunity


Yoga tools that may be supportive include:

Promoting Relaxation

  • In addition to other tools you choose, considerations to aid in relaxation include meditative music, essential oils such as lavender, an eye pillow, and gentle touch to feet or head as appropriate.

Breathing Practices

See Pranayama & The Breath Hub for many considerations, including:


Specific poses that may be appropriate include:

Dynamic Movement

You can also improve your immune system’s lymphatic circulation with your asana practice. Practicing dynamic poses and flow sequences, where you move in and out of poses with your breath, naturally pumps your muscles, improving the flow of the lymphatic fluids through your body. Although not as effective as moving dynamically, you can even use your static poses to improve lymphatic circulation by rhythmically contracting and relaxing as many muscle groups as possible. – Nina Zolotow